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In our latest blog, we are answering the question ‘can stainless steel pipework drive efficiency?’  The improvements and advancements in stainless steel pipework production in recent years, such as Tru-Bore® pipework, are a big clue as to how this industry is performing so well.

By stocking high specification and reliable products like Tru-Bore® metric tube, Special Metric Materials is helping clients across the UK to drive efficiencies and innovate.

Many heavy industries are faced with the same daily question – how can we drive efficiencies and innovate? Using stainless steel pipework is a big part of the answer.

Over the years, many of our clients have decided to move away from standard-wall carbon-steel pipework systems and it is the quality and characteristics of Tru-Bore® pipework that have made this possible.

Clients responsible for general water services, heating, plant rooms and risers have been delighted with the performance of stainless-steel Metric Tru-Bore® pipework. They have reported that it is easier, quicker and cheaper to install and has longevity, making it reliable and durable.

can stainless steel pipework drive efficiency?


What is Tru-Bore® stainless steel pipework?

As a basic description, metric Tru-Bore® tube has a smooth bore and a thin wall and it can be welded. It has many advantages when in use. It does not require additional coatings and is lightweight yet durable enough to resist distortion and impact damage while having a very long shelf-life.

Special Metric Materials has a comprehensive range of Metric Tru-Bore® (DN15 to DN1600) stainless steel piping systems and fittings in stock, including up to 24” tubes. This includes elbows, collars, end caps, backing flanges, reducers, pipes and tees. We can also source and supply a wide variety of specialist items to meet our clients’ complex and unique needs.

Special Metric Materials stocks and supplies stainless steel Tru-Bore® metric tube for Pressure Purposes, produced in accordance with EN 10217-7, with a weld factor z = 1.0.

We can supply welded tubes, pickled, in 6m random lengths, with Plain Ends (PE).

Where is Tru-Bore® stainless steel pipework used?

Generally speaking, Tru-Bore® stainless steel pipework is used in process industries across the globe in which a product or material has to be transported from one place to another. It also needs to be a low-pressure environment.

The need for Tru-Bore® pipework originally arose because industry experts recognised that traditional pipework systems were comprised of more metal than what their processes actually required.

Because Tru-Bore® tube is so much lighter than traditional pipework (it is up to 70% lighter than carbon steel), it is easier and cheaper to install. This immediately answers the question of ‘how can stainless steel pipework drive efficiency’…. A quicker installation naturally makes the process more efficient.

The use of stainless-steel metric Tru-Bore® pipework was so successful that it is now known as the leading system in many other processes and sectors worldwide as well. The sector where it has perhaps enjoyed the most success is the water and water-treatment industry where it is commonly the default choice for pipework.

It is also used in various other types of industries, from pulp and paper to chemical, petrochemical, water & wastewater treatment. Special Metric Materials works across all these industries in the UK to keep clients supplied with stainless-steel metric Tru-Bore® pipework, as and when they need it.

What are the advantages of Tru-Bore® stainless steel pipework?

When looking at Tru-Bore® stainless steel pipework, the positives become obvious very quickly. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Stainless steel pipework can be up to 70% lighter than carbon steel.
  • Because stainless steel pipework is lighter, it is easier to move and usually doesn’t require heavy lifting equipment. It also needs less pipe support structure and fixings, again making savings for operators.
  • The thickness of stainless steel pipework is more likely to be tailored to specific client requirements meaning fabrication times can be 40% of that of carbon steel.
  • Another way stainless steel pipework helps to drive efficiencies is its ability to be recycled. Approximately 80% of stainless steel is recycled content and it can be recycled again at the end of its working life.
  • Stainless steel pipework has a smooth surface, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance times. This is because the smooth surfaces and welds require minimal flushing. This is why stainless steel pipework is ideal to use in the hygienic industry.
  • Because stainless steel has a cleaned pickled surface, it can be ‘flushed’ and cleaned more easily.
  • The longevity of stainless steel pipework is high because there is usually no surface breakdown or disintegration of it over time.
  • Stainless steel pipework is very competitively priced in comparison to its carbon steel counterpart.
  • The thinner wall of stainless steel pipe and fittings means that welding times are dramatically reduced. This also can result in significant savings and reduced consumable usage.
  • Stainless steel pipework can be used in conjunction with many different types and sizes of fittings and flanges.

So, can stainless steel pipework drive efficiency? We think the answer is yes!

It’s fair to say that the future of metric Tru-Bore® is looking very shiny indeed and Special Metric Materials will be right alongside it for the journey!

Fast, efficient delivery to your exact specification. Special Metric Materials is as committed to your project as you are.

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