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Read this Special Metric Materials Interview with Ryan McWilliam

Ryan is our Sales Executive at Special Metric Materials and works hard to develop our relationships with our clients, while ensuring that every order is processed quickly and efficiently.

He works closely with the warehouse and logistics team to ensure that our stock of metric and ISO stainless steel piping, tubing and fittings is carefully managed, and our inventory is always monitored. This is essential in ensuring that our orders get out the door as fast as possible for our clients who rely on them to keep the wheels of industry turning!

Read on to find out more about Ryan’s role in in the Special Metric Materials team.

Special Metric Materials Interview with Ryan McWilliam


  1. Can you give us an overview of your career so far?

My background is in FMCG sales, representing brands like Weetabix, Molson Coors, Haribo and Barrs soft drinks. My career in FMCG spanned over two decades but then I decided I wanted to make a change into a new industry where my skills were transferable. Special Metric Materials was perfect for this!

  1. What’s your favourite (and least favourite) day-to-day task?

My favourite task is communicating with my customers and sourcing new business. I’m a very social person and enjoy interacting with our potential and existing customers.

My least favourite task is yet to be determined – I love all of it so far!

  1. What made you want to work for SMM?

As I’m fairly new to the UK (I am South African born), I wanted to find a position where I could forge long lasting relationships with colleagues in my local community. When I interviewed for the position, I realised that Special Metric Materials had very similar values to myself and felt that it would be a perfect fit – thankfully the managers here thought so too!

  1. What is your focus at the moment in your role?

I would like to become a true industry expert, acquire as much new business as possible and to grow our network across the UK – big aspirations I know but I am confident that this is where Special Metric Materials is heading. Great customer service is a key priority here and we are working on improving this every day until we are the best in the business.

  1. What does a typical ‘day in the office’ look like?

My first job is to come in and get the kettle on straight away! I then go through my emails and plan the day ahead. As a team we often come together first thing to look at any jobs carried over from the day before and see what orders need to be prioritised. Throughout the day I deal with incoming calls and emails in a timely manner, making sure all orders are processed and delivery is arranged according to our clients’ expectations.

  1. What do you think the future holds for SMM?

The world is our oyster! I can’t wait to see where the future takes Special Metric Materials, and I am looking forward to the journey together!

  1. What is your favourite product in the warehouse?

All of them! I think it’s amazing how all the different tubes, fittings and flanges work together to form such intricate piping systems.

  1. What keeps you motivated at work each day? And how do you motivate the rest of the team?

We thrive on the sales cycle. So, from enquiry to delivery, we work together to ensure the various processes are completed quickly Ultimately, happy customers make happy sales teams! We are all on the same page regarding the growth of the company and that challenge excites us, motivates us, and keeps us focused on reaching our goals.

  1. How do you relax after a hard day’s work in the office?

I relax by watching the Springboks play rugby. I’m a big sports fan so when the children allow me to, I am always watching sport. Spending time with my two ‘ankle biters’ is obviously so important to me, whether it be getting my nails painted by my 2-year-old daughter or searching for bugs with my 4-year-old son!


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