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We are often asked the question, ‘why is next-day delivery so important?’

As an independent stockist of metric and ISO stainless steel tubular piping systems, Special Metric Materials has a large and comprehensive product stock of stainless steel pipe, tube, fittings, flanges and valves. These items are essential products for many fast-paced industries across the UK, such as water, food and drink, chemical, renewable energy, building services and process industries.

We know that our service is a vital part of the supply chain that keeps these industries moving and our reliable next-day delivery service across the UK is one of the reasons why our clients come back to us time and time again.

But why is next-day delivery so important? Read this blog to find out!


Why is next-day delivery so important – An innovation in logistics

Logistics industries across the world have experienced enormous growth in recent years, with consumers demanding next day delivery as part of their e-commerce experience. According to the latest polls, only 32% of consumers are willing to wait 2-3 days for their goods, and it seems that this trend is being reflected in the B2B industries as well.

Thankfully, innovations in logistics and technology have meant that next day delivery services are now more accessible than ever before, as long as the company you are buying from has the right infrastructure in place. Fortunately, Special Metric Materials does!

When we established the business, we identified that being able to offer reliable and efficient delivery times is hugely important for our clients. Failing to meet these standards would let them down and cause problems in their various industries. This means that we prioritised getting the best possible stock monitoring systems, packing equipment and logistics partners.

Why is next-day delivery so important for stainless steel products?

The sheer breadth and variety of the industries we work with means that there often is an urgent need for a metal product. This could be a replacement part for a pipeline system, a maintenance part, or even whole sets of metric and ISO stainless steel parts to create a new section of pipeline.

Whatever the reason, the metric and ISO stainless steel tubular piping and fittings need to be delivered fast.

This is why a small, nimble and flexible company like Special Metric Materials is often the perfect supply partner. We can operate more quickly than some of the big suppliers and specialise in speedy turnarounds and a bespoke service. Our varied and well-maintained stock means that invariably we can cater for whatever order we receive and can process them within 24 hours.

The big advantage we have however is that our sister company, Special Piping Materials (SPM) is on hand to support us whenever we need.

Special Piping Materials is a leading global stockholder of exotic piping, fittings and flanges which is also headquartered in Manchester. It is the first time that the internationally accredited specialist has branched out into a new sector.

Why is next-day delivery so important? Because our clients need it!

If metric and ISO stainless steel products, like backing flanges or concentric reducers, are ordered then it often means that a client’s business is on pause waiting for these essential items. Time is of the essence as prolonged downtime is not acceptable.

Here at Special Metric Materials, we understand that products need to be delivered promptly, to ensure that production processes run smoothly.

We are experts in specialist stainless steel tubular and flow technology products and we supply to many essential industries across the UK. Why not try our service today?

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