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ISO Stainless Steel Reducers

ISO stainless steel reducers are a type of pipe fitting that come in two formats; concentric or eccentric.

A concentric ISO stainless steel reducer is used to connect pipes or tubes on the same axis and is often used as a passage between different dimensional pressurised pipes.

An eccentric ISO stainless steel reducer is different as its smaller outlet is off-centre to the larger end. This point of difference allows the reducer to connect small pipes with big pipes.

The ISO stainless steel reducers that Special Metric Materials typically supplies are manufactured to EN 10253-4/EN 10253-3. ISO stainless steel reducers manufactured to EN 10253-4 have a weld factor of z=1 & are rated to a higher pressure capability.

Dimensions and Tolerance of our ISO stainless steel reducers are in accordance with ISO 1127, Plain Ends (PE).

Special Metric Materials can supply ISO stainless steel reducers in the following Grades: 304L (1.4307), 316L (1.4404) & 316L High Moly (1.4432).

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