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A valve is a mechanical part that is frequently found in piping systems in the water, food and drink, chemical, renewable energy, building services and process industries across the UK.

Valves are used to start, stop, mix, throttle, restrict, control, prevent backflow, or regulate the pressure of the fluid running through a pipe and are an essential part of the overall piping system.

Valves come in many different sizes and materials and must be carefully chosen to ensure that they properly connect to the pipes in the system and are fit for purpose in the application they are being used for. A valve is chosen for a piping system depending on several factors:

• Type of medium flowing through the pipe
• Expected frequency and lifespan of operation
• Size of the piping system
• Maintenance requirements
• Budget

Special Metric Materials (SMM) is an independent stockist of metric and ISO stainless steel tubular piping systems. We have a large stock of different valves in our Manchester warehouse that fit seamlessly into a wide variety of piping systems.

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