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Pressure Gauges .375mm BSP Bottom Entry – 63mm and 100mm

Special Metric Materials has a comprehensive range of 63mm Pressure Gauges and 100mm Pressure Gauges in stock, ready for next day delivery across the UK. Pressure gauges are used to measure pressure of fluid liquids and gases to ensure there are no leaks or pressure changes that may affect the operation of the whole piping system.

63mm Pressure Gauges can be used to measure the pressure of fluid liquids and gases up to 25 bar. 100mm Pressure Gauges are designed for use with gases and liquids that will not obstruct the pressure system or corrode copper and are used within heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

Technical data

  • Case and Bezel: Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Window: Shatter resistant acrylic
  • Damping liquid: Bidistilled glycerine
  • Connection: Brass
  • Sensitive Element: Copper alloy bourdon tube; phosphor bronze for pressure 100-690 bar
  • Mechanism: High precision watchmakers brass
  • Joints: Soldered in tin alloy or silver alloy for pressure above 60 bar
  • Indicator: Tempered steel
  • Dial: Stover enamel on aluminium
  • Accuracy: Class 2.5

Contact the Special Metric Materials sales team on 0161 343 0840 for more information on our 63mm Pressure Gauges and 100mm Pressure Gauges, detailed product sheets and to place an order.

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