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BSP Fittings or ‘British Standard Pipe’ fittings are fittings that adhere to a set of internationally adopted technical standards for screw threads. These screw threads, as defined by the ISO 228 standard, and are used for interconnecting and sealing pipes and fittings. They are characterised by their external (male) thread and internal (female) thread and are used worldwide as part of standard plumbing and pipe systems.

The thread form follows the British Standard Whitworth standard:
• Symmetrical V-thread in which the angle between the flanks is 55° (measured in an axial plane)
• One-sixth of this sharp V is truncated at the top and the bottom
• The threads are rounded equally at crests and roots by circular arcs ending tangentially with the flanks where r ≈ 0.1373P
• The theoretical depth of the thread is therefore 0.6403 times the nominal pitch h ≈ 0.6403P

The BSP tapered thread is useful because unlike straight threads, a tapered thread can be is able to form a fluid or air-tight seal.

There are many applications for BSP fittings, and are widely used in piping systems where liquids, gases, steam, and hydraulic fluid need to be transported. They are used in a range of industries, such as power plants, gas and oil, chemical, manufacturing, and shipping.

Special Metric Materials’ stock of BSP Fittings include 90° Elbows, 45° Elbows, Equal Tees, Full Sockets, Half Sockets, Conical Seat Unions, Barrel Nipples, Weld Nipples, Hexagon Reducing Bushes, Hexagon Nipples, Square Head Plugs and Round Cap.

We are also to source bespoke products outside of this list. Call the team today for more information.

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