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Tru-Bore® Reducers

Tru-Bore® reducers are a type of fitting that can either be concentric or eccentric.

Concentric Reducers are used to connect pipes or tubes on the same axis. It is typically used as a passage between different dimensional pressurised pipes. An eccentric reducer is identifiable as the smaller outlet is off-centre to the larger end which allows it to connect big pipes with small pipes.

The stainless steel Tru-Bore® reducers that Special Metric Materials typically supplies are manufactured to EN 10253-4/EN 10253-3. Tru-Bore® reducers manufactured to EN 10253-4 have a weld factor of z=1 & are rated to a higher pressure capability.

Dimensions and Tolerance of our Tru-Bore® reducers are in accordance with ISO 1127, Plain Ends (PE).

Special Metric Materials can supply Tru-Bore® reducers in the following Grades: 304L (1.4307), 316L (1.4404) & 316L High Moly (1.4432).

Tru-Bore® is a registered trademark of OSTP. 

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